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Ecoturismo y Actividades Nº 248 (Natura&Ocells Turismo Ornitológico-Birdwatching) Versión para Imprimir
Natura&Ocells Turismo Ornitológico-Birdwatching

Birding-birdwathing tourism enterprise in Gerona
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Tipo Establecimiento: Ecoturismo y Actividades
Plazas: Avistamiento de Aves
Habitaciones: Turismo Ornitológico/Birdwatching
Tipo de Alquiler:  Person (PAX)
                 (Gerona) Spain
Teléfono(s): 600539995  934340566
Fax:  931853581
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Natura&Ocells is an enterprise specialized in birding-tourism. Our birding itineraries are located in Catalonia and the surroundings. The itineraries are designed in order to watch the maximum birds species in the minimum time and surface. Most of the bird species we can watch are really difficult to watch, some are spectacular.
Services: Guiding our customers to the best spots to watch the maximum diversity of birds, and the places where we can find the rarest bird species.
We are specialists in the birds of Catalonia and other parts of the surrounders. Our headquarters is seated in Barcelona, central to the best sites for birding in the region.
Catalonia hosts about 232 nesting species, and is therefore the European region with the greatest bird diversity for an area this size. This pheonomenon is due to the existence of all Palearctic habitats in a small area: marshes, high and Mediterranean mountains, steppe and coastal habitats.
We have a collection of itineraries, which can be changed or combined to suit visitors’ preferences. We are open to new itineraries, however the proposed itineraries allow for observing the greatest variety of bird species in a particular area. If the visitor is an ornitologist or has a great interest in watching a particular species, we can adapt the itinerary to maximize oportunities for viewing. We are open to families with children of all ages, and are able to adjust the itineraries to be suitable for beginner birdwatchers.
You can see in our web www.naturaocells.com, the species in each itinerary. In the main page of the English web version, you can print the pdf itinerarys.
Itineraries in Girona province:
• Aiguamolls (marshes) (North-east Catalonia).
• Cap de Creus (coastal habitats-mediterranean hills) (North-east Catalonia.
• Cadí Pyrenean zone (high mountains) (Catalan Pyrinees).
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